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Medical Saunas™ Are Safer Than Your Hair Dryer!

Why is Medical Sauna™ so Safe?

Medical Saunas™ are safer than many other saunas on the market because they use specially engineered carbon heaters for infrared heating. This means they have one of the lowest EMF ratings in the entire industry. Infrared heat is used in a wide variety of applications, including heating newborn infants at hospitals--that's how safe it is. It is a type of radiant heat, which warms objects rather than air, which has several benefits in a sauna. A traditional sauna, which uses steam and heats the surrounding air, is typically 30° to 40° F warmer than an infrared sauna. Since air takes more energy to heat, and loses heat quicker, traditional saunas need to be much warmer to have the same effect as an infrared sauna.

You should be aware there is no such thing as a 0 EMF sauna, despite many saunas claiming to be the first—that’s a physical impossibility. So be on the lookout for companies claiming 0 EMF, or using fancy language like “Absolute 0 EMF” or “Ultra 0 EMF”; those are just marketing claims to mislead consumers. We believe this is wrong, so we always strive to deliver the most accurate information, meaning you can make the most informed decision possible, and purchase your Medical Sauna™ with complete confidence. Every object that produces an electric current creates an EMF, including people. No research has shown that common EMF exposure leads to short or long term health problems. In fact, you might be surprised how common electromagnetic fields are in your own life. Here is a table, provided by the World Health Organization*, which shows just how common magnetic fields emitted by common household items are. Electromagnetic fields are measured in milligauss (µT). The range on the table depends on the specific brand of that household item.

Typical magnetic field strength of household appliances at 3 cm
Electrical Device 3 cm distance (µT)
Hair Dryer 6-2000
Electric Shaver 15-1500
Vacuum Cleaner 200-800
Fluorescent Light 40-400
Microwave Oven 73-200
Portable Radio 16-56
Color TV 2.5-50
Electric Oven 1-50
Washing Machine 0.8-50
Iron 8-30
Computer 0.5-30
Dishwasher 3.5-20
Medical Sauna™ < 3
Refrigerator 0.5-1.7