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The ONLY sauna company developed by 48 doctors.

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Custom Spa 486
Custom Commercial Medical Sauna
Retail: $46,899
Discount:   45% OFF 
You Save: $21,050
with 36 months. $5k down payment.

Only 50% Deposit Needed Upfront


Over 2500 Bought.

In a Nutshell

Introducing the first-ever commercial medical spa, backed by over 48 doctors. This spa is specifically designed to provide instant pain relief and help improve blood flow, which contributes to better sleep at night. With daily usage, your members will not only enhance their health but also feel better after every session.

Fine Print

Limit 2 per customer: Limited quantities avaliable. Any orders greater than 2 will automatically be refunded.


All of our commercial saunas comes with 1 year commercial warranty included FREE.

The price is heavily discounted for the month of February. Purchase now while prices are still low. Every 2 weeks the price will increase because our supplies are very limited. Enjoy the deals and call us at (818) 805-0026 with any questions you may have.


All of our MEDICAL SPA 485 come with a limited 3-year warranty included FREE.

The only company recommended by 48+ MDs

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Medical Breakthrough - buynow Medical Breakthrough - buynow Medical Breakthrough - buynow Medical Breakthrough - buynow Medical Breakthrough - buynow
Model: Commercial 485™ Commercial 486™ Commercial 487™ Commercial 488™ Commercial 489™
Capacity 1 Person 2 People 3 People 4-5 People 6-9 People
Heaters 7 9 11 15 23
Weight Capacity 350 lbs capacity 700 lbs capacity 1050 lbs capacity 2800 lbs capactiy 4200 lbs capacity
2x4 Fortified Wood Framing
10x Reinforced Commercial Grade Floors™
48 Doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, & surgeons branding
Soaring Sauna Ceilings™
Extra-Long Ergonomic 31-Inch Tall Built-In Backrest; spaciously curved to support your full back
31 Inch Chrome Easy Clean Handle with Washable Cover
Safety Auto Shut-Off Timer System
3X Hemlock Walls™
Inside & Out Dual Control Panel
Easy-Clip Assembly
Heat Resistant Tempered Glass Door
Heat Resistant Commercial Speakers™
Energy Efficient Heating System™
Ultra Full Spectrum Heaters™ that heats up 2X Faster
Hot/Cold Cleansing System™
Oxygen Ion Sanitation System™
Medical Detox Routine™
Insulated Clean Airflow System™
Superior Cool Down System™
Bluetooth Functionality
4D Surround Heat Therapy™
Omni-Directional Heating™
Made for Gyms - Extra Strong, Heavy Users. Benches with Double the Support
Red Light Therapy
Spacious Interior for Lounging
Chromatic Therapy System™
Deep Bench Seating for Extra Comfort
Heat Resistant Interior Reading Lights™
Silent Heating System™
The World's First Heat Resistant Android Tablet™
On/Off Switch for Each Full Spectrum Heater
Double Capacity Stadium Seating
36 Inch Wide Door for Easy Access
4-Hinged, Heavy Duty Commercial Door
Enhanced Clean Air Inflow & Outflow Ventilation System™
500lbs Rated Backrests
Audio Theater System
Campfire Style Seating™
Smooth X-Large Accessible Ramp™
ADA Compliant 60 Inch Internal Radius
Extra-Insulated Airflow System™
Extra-Rapid Internal Heating System™
Extra-Energy Efficient: 15% Thicker Glass & Wood Panels
Interior Dimensions
44” x 38” x 75” 57” x 38”x 75” 67” x 38”x 77” 87” x 61”x 77” 106” x 106" x 80”
Exterior Dimensions
48” x 42” x 81” 63” x 42“ x 81” 71” x 42“ x 83” 91” x 67“ x 83” 110” x 110“ x 86”
Operating Voltage 120V / 15 amp*2 120V / 15 amp*2 240V / 20 amp 240V / 30 amp 240V / 50 amp
Watts 2200W 2750W 3450W 4750W 7050W
Plug Type XN515P-F XN515P-F XN520P-A XN530P-A TT6-50P
Weight 352 lbs. 485 lbs. 573 lbs. 837 lbs. 1233 lbs.
Medical Breakthrough - buynow Medical Breakthrough - buynow Medical Breakthrough - buynow Medical Breakthrough - buynow Medical Breakthrough - buynow
1. -
medical benifits medical sauna's 3


For the heavy duty gym users, we want our clients to enjoy the medical benefits of our saunas all year round. so we made our doors thicker and stronger for durability.

2. -


In commercial saunas the floor is the first thing to be damaged.Thats why instead of having wood every 10 inches, we reinforce the floors and have heavy duty wood every 1 inch. This means we use 10 times more wood but it is worth it to avoid any issues.

3. -


Enjoy free branding with 48 doctors - use their endorsements on our site to promote your sauna.

4. -


Unlike the standard 77-inch tall saunas offered by our competitors, our commercial models distinguish themselves with a height of 86 inches. They comfortably accommodate individuals up to 6'8".

5. -


Going beyond the usual 12-inch sauna backrests, we decided a spacious 31-inch, Others may charge $500 for this feature, but we believe in providing a high level of comfort as a standard in our saunas.

6. -


Cleaning saunas can be challenging, but not with ours. Our commercial-grade handles are designed for easy maintenance and, measuring at 31 inches, they outsize the typical 12-inch handles found in many sauna.

7. -


At Medical Saunas, we've tackled this challenge head-on by designing our saunas from the ground up, incorporating Natural Red Cedar known for its medicinal and structural attributes. This wood also matures and strengthens over time, ensuring our saunas become even more durable as they age.

8. -


A sauna is about relaxation and rejuvenation, not frustration. We upgraded our sauna construction with clasp together technology so you can have the most seamless of sauna assembly.

9. -


Tempered glass emerges as the prime choice when prioritizing strength, thermal resilience, and safety as important factors.



Experience the difference with our heat-resistant speaker systems designed to transform every session into an oasis of meditative music.



While our competitors' saunas may cost as much as $1000 per month, our saunas boast our proprietary Extreme Energy-Efficient Heating System™. This system uses only 25% of the power compared to competitors, potentially reducing your electric bill to between $50 and $250 and ensuring significant savings. In the first year alone, you could save thousands of dollars by choosing our saunas.



Many full-spectrum saunas release waves at one end of the spectrum, limiting their healing benefits. However, our Ultra Full Spectrum heaters offer one of the widest ranges of wavelengths seen in commercial saunas, designed for deeper skin penetration. This feature also conveniently allows the sauna to heat up 2x faster than standard models.



In many saunas, slow heating systems hinder the recommended warm up and cool down rounds essential for hot/cold therapy's health benefits. Medical Sauna™ addresses this with our potent Rapid Internal Heating System™, enablingeffective hot/cold therapy for enhanced muscle relaxation and flexibility.



Our Oxygen Ion Sanitation System™ works tirelessly to clear away dust, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens to make the air you breathe pure and safe, so you can relax and enjoy your sauna experience without any worries



While other saunas claim to remove some toxins, our commericial line™ specializes in eliminating more harmful ones including heavy metals, phthalates, and other substances often found in daily life. Our Detox Routine enlarges skin pores to flush out these toxins to help you become healthier.



Poorly designed saunas often encounter unwanted temperature fluctuations, we've engineered a solution that works seamlessly with our advanced heating system maintaining your sauna at the perfect temperature with less effort while receiving the maximum performance.



Unlike other sauna companies that rely on outdated CDs and audio jacks, we've embraced innovation to enhance your sauna experience. Our saunas feature Bluetooth technology, allowing you to effortlessly control the ambiance with a full set of relaxing spa music. We believe in offering you complete control over your relaxation journey, ensuring a seamless and modern spa experience.



Many sauna companies lack surround heat in their saunas, as it involves developing a specialized motherboard that costs over $700,000 to engineer. However, at MedicalSaunas, we invested the time and resources to manufacture saunas with surround heat, ensuring your entire body is engulfed in heat therapy. Our saunas are equipped with multiple heating elements in the front, back, sides, and even under your legs, offering you a 4D Heat Therapy Experience unseen in any other sauna

To help you decide for yourself how effective Medical Saunas are, we have listed REAL, UNCENSORED, UNEDITED reviews, emails and comments from customers who have paid for and used Medical Saunas™.

medical sauna's 5 - reviews
Elijah T., Duluth, MN

I’ve been using the sauna at my new center for a few months now, and it’s honestly made a huge difference for my clientele base. At one point I was worried I was going to close down, but decided last ditch effort I would buy the sauna and see what happens. I now am about to buy a second home so I can honestlysay great decision.

Harper S., Kenosha, WI

Improved Athletic Performance

James R., Fargo, ND

The sauna definitely adds a touch of elegance to our gym with the wood aesthetic as well as now being able to offer both hot and cold therapy.

Olivia Q., Chico, CA

I'm thrilled with this sauna's traditional design. It adds a touch of classic appeal to our space. And the health benefits? They've become our main selling point of our studio since we started doing local ads. As a way for small business to scale up faster this is definitely helpful.

William P., Flagstaff, AZ

Its health benefits are manifold, from detoxification to pain management.

Charlotte O., Provo, UT

I love the wood aesthetic with the rest of my interiors of my studio and the simple touch control panel makes it super easy for my clients to use it with little help from my employees. Love that its easy to clean easy to maintain and understand how to use. Very impressed with the quality and would recommend to other salon owners.

Benjamin N., Casper, WY

The features are based on documented research, and the benefits are real!

Liam M., Bismarck, ND

We owe a big thank you to this sauna's rapid heating system. The way it warms up quickly and maintains temperature has significantly improved our client experience as our last one had a reputaton for breaking often which is why we switched to Medical Saunas.

Ava L., Poughkeepsie, NY

A fantastic addition to our wellness offerings

Sophia K., Jacksonville, FL

This sauna truly lives up to its reputation. It's relaxing, and has demonstrated real cardiovascular benefits.

Isabella J., Austin, TX

This sauna is not just about relaxation, but also about promoting health. I keep information about the benefits of saunas in our reception as people are really interested about all the different ways it can help. I think people thought it was just about sweating but actually it comes with a lot of potential benefits that people did not know about.

Ethan I., San Jose, CA

It's longlasting, and the health benefits, from stronger immunity to skin rejuvenation, have been well received. It's definitely worth the money!

Mia H., Dallas, TX

Its detox capabilities also align with our wellness goals. It's an investment that truly paid off.

Emma G., San Diego, CA

We added this sauna to our spa, and it's been nothing short of a revelation as how we function. We are trying to scale up fast and having this as a feature in our salon has really upped our influx of clients. We love how easy it is to use and explain to clients.

Lucas F., San Antonio, TX

It has become an integral part of our facility.

Gabriel E., Philadelphia, PA

Medical 486 sauna is my new favorite chill spot. It's spacious enough for two and I love sound system which I have been using everytimeI go in. Real upgrade from my last model a few years ago.

Sofia D., Phoenix, AZ

Purchasing this sauna for our wellness center was one of the best decisions we've made. It not only provides a quick, warm embrace but also offers substantial health benefits, such as pain relief and energy boost, that our customers have talked about a lot since we first installed it. Personally I like it helps me sleep.

Noah C., Houston, TX

Engineered with Precision

Amelia B., Chicago, IL

The interior dimensions are good for two people without being too cumbersome to fit inside the clinic. I like that it doesnt look out of place and adds

Jack U., Los Angeles, CA

I love my Medical Sauna! The sauna was easy to install and provides a comfortable space to relax.


Why is it called 485, 486, 487, 488 and 489?

Because over 48 doctors work tirelessly on commercial saunas, we want to honor and remember their hard work in helping make these saunas provide as many medical benefits as possible .

Why can't I use a residential sauna for commercial use?

Owners usually take care of their saunas, but commercial members often do not. Therefore, we must make the sauna almost indestructible for commercial use. The commercial spa series is made so indestructible that it is made to be used 15 hours a day, 365 days a year, without any issues.

Can I use the doctor's name for my business?

Yes, that's one of the benefits of purchasing a commercial sauna from Medical Saunas. Not only do you obtain a high-quality Commercial Spa, but you also receive the backing of over 48 professionals, including doctors, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, massage therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and surgeons. There's no need to spend 30 years building doctor endorsements for your business. Simply highlight that your establishment boasts a Commercial Medical Spa backed by over 48 medical professionals. You're permitted to use any of their full names to bolster your business, given that you have one of our saunas on your premises.