Handcrafted For You

When it comes to creating the perfect saunas for our customers, we have done everything in our power to tailor what we believe will work for all customers; however, we understand that some people want the finest things in life. They desire a Medical Sauna that is unmatched in luxury, utility, efficiency, and personalization. With this in mind, we now offer Medical Sauna's Custom Made Saunas.

Whether you are looking for a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna, or a combination sauna, we can help you create your custom Medical Sauna.

Call in today to place your order. One of our technicians will walk you through the few measurements needed to create your sauna. They will help you determine the best style, shape, and the heater that fits your needs. We have several models that are perfect starting points for most people, and will help you with the customization process. 2 months after placing your order, you will have the Medical Sauna you always wanted.

Our Development Process

Every single sauna on the market is mass produced, from Costco to Home Depot. This means the sauna that you purchase from them are exactly like everyone else's, and there is no personalization at all. We want you to have the most personalized and luxurious sauna you will ever own.

We want you to feel like your sauna was truly hand made for you and only you. If you are looking for extra infrared heaters, a different combination sauna, or a more room for bench seating, Medical Saunas can make sure that you are taken care of and we can make anything you or your home desires.

Medical Saunas, owned by Medical Breakthrough, is truly a breakthrough company because we are the first and only company in the world to offer handcrafted medical saunas the way you want.

Industrial Grade Materials

When we began to make custom saunas for our customers we had to make sure our materials and practices were unmatched by the competitors. Comfort, style, durability, and personalization were our priorities when making each custom made Medical Sauna. We knew our customers would only accept the highest quality materials. Our mission was to find the best materials that enhanced the entire function and appearance of each sauna. Our customers have agreed that we have succeeded in developing a fully customizable sauna system trusted by industry experts.

It's our mission to help you improve your body, mind, and soul with our saunas. We are proud to finally unveil our saunas with truly medical benefits--A Medical Doctor's Sauna.

Medical Saunas™ is a division of Medical Breakthrough™.